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Boss tips episode #1

Travel the world and make money from your laptop. The dream right?


It's not as hard to achieve as you might think. With the right tools and tips, you can have a blog making you money in a few weeks. Heres why: There are digital marketing colleges like Digital Altitude that teach hands-on methods to making money on the internet. Pretty cool right? Here's some takeaways people have had:


"Within my first 45 days I earned 4 bonuses ($1099, $200 in free product and an Auto bonus!!!) I've watched so many of my teammates do the same thing as well! I've seen others who've never done network marketingbefore or didnt have success in other business, come into this business and completely KILL it!


Ahh guys, I'm so serious! What I'm experiencing with this business is truly breathtaking."


"I've been pretty silent for a while but ran across a strategy I wanted to share with you all. So, I've been finding a lot of generic lead gen sites up and running in certain niches (from national marketing companies). For instance, there's a moving site called "budget van lines" that literally just generates leads for moving companies around the country. 


Send 'em a screencast to show why you are better, hash out a deal, and make bank $$$$. I just thought it was a neat little way to get the information for businesses that are hungry for leads and it's all handed to you on a silver platter. There are numerous national sites like this for a bunch of niches. Wishing you all a great start to the new year!"


"I hope everything is going well and your crushing deals left and right! I know many of you that have 9-5's are plugging away on the weekend like myself. Over the past couple weeks I have been working on a PDF/POWERPOINT presentation template to really simplify things and overall alleviate time when it comes to prospecting.


For those of you that favor meeting business owner's face to face - this presentation is for you. It breaks down a variety of things in "layman's" terms. Keep grinding. View more in this Digital Altitude review"


"I have learned a lot of things in my time here and I want to share a few words of wisdom that has been shared with me over the past 2 years. I was told by my mentor (not naming names, don't want you overloaded in messages, you know who you are) that it is NOT how you start, but how you finish!


Even if you have to start over 101 times.....DO IT!!! DON'T QUIT!!! Only YOU can give up on YOU! Keep pressing forward, one day at a time and your successes will follow."


"I do small design projects, as on my podcast site. (Hint start a podcast, sell people a 5 second mention on your show, then for an extra $5 give them a link in your show notes). Your own podcast (do it about anything you want) can also give you backlinks to your money sites on every episode.


Combine this with a review and do a local business podcast, where biz owners talk about their business. Then get them to link back to the show, more juice for you."


Digital Altidude has been giving bloggers skillsets to succeed for a while now. Visit the site and see if it would be a good fit for you.